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Re: tow dolly

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Re: tow dolly

Fulltime in a 40 footer. We rarely move since I hold down a job. Coming out west, David towed my Jeep (1995 Grand Cherokee, Quadra-trac AWD) 4 down. He didn't feel it at all behind him. He also didn't feel it when the front tire blew out either. Note: make sure you take the vehicle out of gear to travel before leaving any where you've spent the night. Don't trust that just because it was set up for towing when you the night before, that your significant other didn't "change things" (like the Jeep was going to pull the bus backwards into the lake?). No, I haven't let him forget that yet. We use a safety cable with LOCKS on it since we have heard stories about pins being pulled while you are parked. Driving from Socorro to Roswell, we pulled the food cart with the bus and I drove the Jeep. Next time we move, we might not have the cart unless we decide to turn it into a mobile storage shed. The food cart is 5W X 6L, with the tongue it's 10 ft long. Keeping it on site is a pain. We have to look for sites that will handle the extra. While in Corpus Christi, we had to park it in an "overflow" lot (where it flooded). When we changed parks, we got a spot that was extra wide so we could park it next to the Class C.

BTW, we do not have "lots of money". Actually we have very little (we's po'.... can't afford the "or"). I watched RV forums, Craigslist, Iwanna and Hitch Trader "for sale" ads until I found what I needed. Took almost a year to get both pieces. Both the Stowmaster tow bar and the hidden brackets were off of Hitch Trader. If you get a tow bar, get one that is designed for one person hookup. That way you don't need to be perfectly aligned to get hooked up. Saves lots of time. I wanted one that a single person could hook up since I've needed to move the RV while David was at work, so I held out for one. We also "store" the tow bar on the Jeep. Came in handy the time we broke down on our way back from food vending for the auction in Albuquerque. We called our daughter and she came and towed the food cart home with her Jeep and then came back and towed our Jeep home. Her Jeep can't be towed 4 down with out a transmission pump & disconnect. We've used her Jeep (Claudia.... it's Black) to tow our Jeep ("R"-Jeep) a couple of times. My Grand Cherokee weighs 500 lbs more than her slightly larger Grand Cherokee.

Driving thru Main Street Roswell would be a major nightmare in the bus. We did it twice. From Hwy 380/Second Street north to Wal-Mart & Sam's Club to park overnight, then reversed the trip to get back on Hwy 380. We later discovered the West Relief Route for Trucks and used that ever since. Small town roads/traffic aren't that great for a long bus. Just passing thru once (and I look for truck routes anyway) isn't too bad, but I am familiar with several small and tiny downtowns that I would be looking for an alternative route. I wouldn't want to take the bus thru downtown Albany (GA). Chatsworth (GA) isn't what I would call "spacious". S. Pittsburg "beautified" their downtown, which made it big rig unfriendly. Colquit has a truck route that we took in the little 22 ft Class C since we had been thru that town in a pickup truck (the "square" is tight with all the onstreet parking). That's just a few of the towns we have been thru that would not be fun in a large vehicle. We like a towed. It would be nice to have a little 250cc scooter to use in good weather for short trips and exploring... in addition to the Jeep.

Of course everyone needs to look at how they use their bus and what they might need. I've been in a lot of towns that have public transportation. There's even a bus stop very close to us. They just don't run at 3:30 AM which is when I need to go to work. In Corpus Christi, we took the public transportation several times. We mostly stayed on Flour Bluff. It was handy but I would have hated to do all my grocery shopping using the bus.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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Re: tow dolly

I think this is one area where I want options, 1 will be towing a small car Im going for the 4 down, this will be needed when we go south for the winter, and leaving the bus in 1 spot. 2 will be the rack for the back of the bus to hold my honda 90 and the little jazz(wish I could bring the bigger hondas) with these it gives you the option of running into town, or even around the park, or trail rideing when boondocking , I will be building the rack(deck) this winter for use in spring, we want them for our next big trip, and the little 90 is needed to get to a fishing hole where we boondock.
So does everyone think that my t444e with 545 (full size) would have any trouble pulling a small car?
my bus build viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5931
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Re: tow dolly

Originally Posted by crazycal
I don't know how big your bus is but if you had a 40 footer, you'd feel a little different about your experience in SF.
It's a conventional front, 77 passenger setup. I tell everyone its a 39 footer, since not everyone allows 40 ft setups

I adapted a technique I read from someone named, i think, "rv girl" on how to park your rig in SF for free:

I went south into the city over the GG bridge, and then drove west on Greary until it forked to Point Lobos, then followed that around south along the water front
i turned east onto lincoln and then immediately entered golden gate park on MLK. I parked the bus on MLK inside the park. ... a&t=m&z=15

From there, we were on foot (well, some of us were in a stroller ) and public transit for a day of sight seeing. When we were all done, we went back to the bus and left SF via downtown arterials -- during rush hour. I missed the secret way to get directly on Hwy1 from inside the park, so I had to do some surface street magic to work my way over there. I made a few strategic and redundant turns to avoid having to make turns that the bus wouldn't likely make in heavy traffic. We managed

Left town the same way we came in-- GG bridge. We were spending the night at a KOA way north.. in Petaluma perhaps?

The following day we visited a friend in Mountain View. We had a few tricky moments in mountain view, we had to go several blocks before i could find a place to turn around, etc.
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Re: tow dolly

Sounds like you had a great time, but parking in GG park is not quite the same as downtown. You could park a 747 in the park and no one would notice. I'm not trying to change your mind. What worked for you is all that matters. I could have given you a list of 3 dozen things and places to see in the city that you could not have seen in a bus or public transportation.

When I bought my first bus in AZ, I wanted to stop in Quartzite for breakfast. I was in a 40 foot BB. Every placed I passed, I couldn't find parking. That was when I decided that I would have some OTHER means of transportation on/with the bus. That way I could park in the outskirts and drive back in with a small car or scooter and not break a sweat. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
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Re: tow dolly

that looks like a blast to putt around in, wonder what kind of price tag is on something like that,
How are you enjoying the full timing? did u keep a home base some where? how are u finding living in the bus? are u finding it small?

just wondering if you want share some info (its fine if you dont)

all the best to you in the new year

my bus build viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5931
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