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Re: Towing a 4x4 truck (small truck) 4 down

After you finally get your toad, here is a site that you can get some good deals on tow bars. This is where I bought my tow bar and base plate. I do think the kind where one person can hook-up is great. It's just easier for us to get the jeep semi-aligned rather than perfectly aligned.
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Re: Towing a 4x4 truck (small truck) 4 down

If you look around long enough, there are a few F150's out there with a manual transfer case, in those particular units no modification is required. Finding one is the most difficult part, but they do have them!! You can even tow F250/350 four down if you can find a 4x4 with a manual transfer case...

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Re: Towing a 4x4 truck (small truck) 4 down

Yeah, the F-150 with the manual transfer case are the ones I'm looking at. The shift on the fly Fords need a disconnect.
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Re: Towing a 4x4 truck (small truck) 4 down

Originally Posted by "the_experience03":211koy2u
The 4 cylinder (Toyota) has a gear driven t-case that you leave in 2wd (NOT neutral...neutral keeps the front and rear drivelines connected) and you put the hubs in freewheel.
I'm not sure I understand this one. How can the drivelines still be connected if the transfer case connecting them to the transmission is disengaged? Or do you mean they would still be connected to each other (which I'm not sure would bother anything)? I always thought an auto vehicle could not be towed very far or fast even in neutral if the drive axle was connected to the transmission (as should be in 2WD), so I'm confused here. Toyota is not GM, but my S-10 Blazer is exactly backwards of that. Transfer case neutral disconnects both axles and it can roll anywhere even if the transmission is in Park. What does Toyota do differently?[/quote:211koy2u]

What I meant is that the front and rear output of the transfercase are locked together in neutral. They are still 100% free of the transmission and the reduction gears in the t-case itself, but they are locked to one another meaning that in neutral if the rear shaft starts spinning so does the front. It doesn't hurt anything in a sense, but would mean more parts spinning and churning. Even with the twin stick transfer case conversions for the Toyota I'm reasonably certain there is no "true neutral" possible. This is an staunch contrast to the Chevrolet version NP205 I have in my Toyota which has had a full twin stick conversion giving me the choice of rear wheel drive high, rear wheel drive low, front wheel drive high, front wheel drive low, four wheel drive high, four wheel drive low, and a true neutral in which I could spin the front and rear driveshafts in opposite directions if I wanted.

Now in the case of your S-10, the NP231 does have a true enough neutral to keep the front shaft from spinning. Your automatic is not going to know one way or another if the vehicle is moving or not if the t-case is in neutral so you aren't going to do any damage there. Actually, the limiting factor in many newer vehicles is the transfer case itself. Many have slingers or oil pumps connected to the input shaft which send lubrication to the proper points. In neutral they aren't going to work because the input shaft is not spinning which can cause bearing failures. Of course much of this is just speculation because you might find the same model transfer case in two difference makes of vehicle (such as the NP231 used by GM, Dodge, Jeep, etc) and you might get different answers or recommendations from each manufacturer about flat towing suitability of the t-case.
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