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I would prefer a mechanical DT466. The other thing to look at is the transmission. That bus has an AT545. No lockup. Bad for the open road especially if you hit mountains. The other transmission to look for is the MT643. It has lockup in 3rd and 4th. Much more heavy duty.
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Bus #2 was just sold. Someone liked what they saw and was willing to pay up.
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Originally Posted by crazycal View Post

Last thought, how far away is the bus? Is it in your backyard? That could be worth anywhere from $500 to $2000 to get a bus home. Airfare, fuel, meals, lodging, money for repairs.
I have to agree with Crazycal, those additional fees are something you need to keep in mind. The seller is overpriced but is in the business to make money. If you could get him to drop 3k-4k on his prices they seem like a pretty good deal. I live in Houston (960 miles away) and his price to deliver it to me is only $1300. To me that is worth it compared to what I would spend going to get it myself and putting up with the aggravation of it breaking down along the way.

Best of luck to you in whatever direction you decide to go in.
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I vote for KEEP Looking. I paid $8K for my 84 passenger Thomas HDX and it has MUCH more room.

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Agreed, keep looking. I paid 2500 for my 2003 75 pax Amtran.
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Originally Posted by cowlitzcoach View Post
Hank is incorrect about the widths of buses. All full size Type 'C' and Type 'D' buses are 96" wide.

My appologies! I do not mean to spread misinformation.
I misspoke. What I should have said is:

I Have never seen any data sheets, or actually mesured one, however, having riddied several times on IC busses they seemed much narrower. Based on seat and isle guess-estimations and measuring with my arm.

I have found from a rider stand point, that I don't like IC busses.
On busses that were bought different years by different companies I was not able to fit in the bus seat. I am 5'7'' and 180 lbs, I have never ever encountered that on any other bus.
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$2K for my '89 Thomas Saf-T-Liner. Better deals ARE out there!
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If I had to, I'd probably choose the 2nd one. Although both are overpriced imo, the 2nd one should have a newer Allison electronic trans with OD. While the 1st probably has an at545. Both engines are great, with my preference going to the dta360 purely because it's mechanical. If you're worried about the 360's power, a pump shop can bump that up but with the at545 I wouldn't do it.

I'd look for something similar to the 2nd but a little better priced imo. I'd also want something longer if you're going to be traveling with it. Floor space seems to be a premium for the full timers.
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Update on Bus #1

Bus #1 also just sold. I've learned that 8 row models with desirable features demand a higher price than their counterparts with more rows. The market value reflects the fact that they are harder to come by.
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