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What to do with hobbies?

Just in the beginning process of thinking about building out a bus and have some questions about hobbies. I have several that I would like to pack up and take along, but I'm not sure the best way to store them. A few of the larger (space hogs):

Biking: Is it possible to hang the bikes thereby using vertical space over horizontal?

Woodcarving: Lots of carving blocks of wood. I suppose I could only take a couple dozen, but then have the hassle of ordering and delivery of more wood. Also not sure how to cut the blocks down without my band saw.

Board games: I will pare down my collection a bit, but still want a decent collection of 20, or so, games. I'm thinking of a small bookcase in the "garage" area that will hold games, books, dvds, and maybe even some of the carving wood mentioned above.

Other hobbies, but not HUGE space takers: Guitar, darts, knitting, coloring, and birding.

Thoughts? You guys have BTDT so I'm looking for your expertise! Thanks for any suggestions.
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I'm a board gamer too! I'll be bringing my collection but it's only about six games. I'm also bringing painting supplies, knitting/crocheting, a bookcase full of books and dvds with books on birding and plant ID, supplies for skinning and tanning hides and turning bones into crafts/jewelry. I'd love to bring a sewing machine but it's too much room! Although a typewriter is going to make the cut so I can blog without using electricity. I prefer typing over writing.
My build thread:
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Sounds like you're going to need a utility trailer to follow you.
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Hah! They really don't take up that much space, and I really want the things I enjoy with me in my home. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do this. Mostly wondering about the bikes. I don't know what bus we'll get, so don't know the inside height of the roof for hanging vertically.
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I will probably take fewer than 20…but I have yet to decide what I really want. The good thing is a lot of them are small(er) box games, so not many of those huge square sizes. Onenationundergoat, it sounds like we're in the same boat as far as how much to fit in. ;)
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Mary's hobby is art so the bus becomes the art....

We don't full time so it's easy.
Don and Mary
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Mary is dang good at painting the bus!
My wife is a quilter, loves plants, fishing, board games and cards. I am willing to change hobbies to fit. I turn and cut wood, tie flies, create rubber worms, fish, play cards and site see. I think I would be glad to give up the wood, flies and worms if I get a digital camera and take pics from the roof rack/deck. Our bus will be lined with hanging plants, small herbs mostly.

Speakng of space for storage, I just had an idea. Why not take two of the long rooftop cargo containers and mount them vertically on the back? Change the hinges and clasps to be more secure and put shelves inside. One could even be made of metal or wood instead of buuying prefab.Something along this line:
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Keep the ideas coming! Thanks, all!
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Downsizing can be and usually is a very stressful feat. You need to decide what is more important. I love to sew (I've made all the curtains, duvets & covers for the bus) and I have a smaller portable sewing machine that I will find a space possibly may means leaving behind 1 or 2 pairs of shoes or a couple of sweaters.

I love to read, and have quite a collection of books (all previously read) that I will be parting with (they can be replaced should I care to reread them). Reference books I will find room for (a necessity).

Sounds like you need to make up a list of what you want to take, number them in order of needs and wants. Start with #1, go down the list placing them as you go and add as much as you can. You'll be surprised what you'll be able to make room for when the time comes.
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Hi, The Breeze, and thanks for your reply. My issue isn't as much what to take but how to store it. ;) I've been slowly downsizing for few years and my lists are made and I know what I'm willing to give up and what I'm not. More than anything I'm looking for how other people store their favorite things on their buses. Luckily, for us, it hasn't been a stressful downsizing and I thought it would be. The hardest part is what to do with the stuff we're getting rid of, lol.
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