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Re: Your Neighbors....?

Originally Posted by timbuk
i think the wat the economy is going most people wish they had a bus in their yard to make a getaway in! People that have junk in their yard and bitch about our buses? yea,right
Ours is part of our fallback plan. If all else fails, just park the RV behind my dad's house and live there for a while. If I can find a cheap piece of land with hookups, I'll buy it now while land is cheap (my dad just bought some land with a shell of a house on it for $3k, told him if anything else pops up to let me know!).
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Re: Your Neighbors....?

Us too, if things get much worse we'll be off living in our bus. Seems like a common theme.
What we need is a whole new "hippie" movement.
The farther you look into the past the further ahead you'll see- George Washinton
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Re: Your Neighbors....?

Originally Posted by Duckf00t
Us too, if things get much worse we'll be off living in our bus. Seems like a common theme.
What we need is a whole new "hippie" movement.

minus the hippies. lol

Michigan would be happy to only have 10.1% unemployment! The latest report says It's officially 15.2% here, but the real numbers are much higher than that. The official numbers don't count people who gave up looking for a job and people are are able to work but not counted because of various other reasons.

The number of houses in foreclosure is astonishing. I think that there are many many many more houses yet to hit the market. The times here in michigan are getting scary.

One very strange thing to me however is that the roads are still packed with cars, the restaurants are still full of patrons, and I still have to wait in line every time i go to the store. If it wasn't for all the unemployed people i personally know, and all the houses for sale, you would barely even know we're in a recession...or as i like to call it "the beginning of the next great depression"
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: Your Neighbors....?

Originally Posted by vanguy67
Originally Posted by Chuck Webb
It seemed like it was full of people that have moved in for the long haul.
Chuck, same thing here in Tennessee. I've met more and more people who are living in their travel trailers... and they had no intention of becoming full-timers!
Desperate times call for desperate measures!
I live in Tennessee. Too bad I can't open up an RV park on our land (deed restrictions, at least there's no HOA to make more restrictions). Not even using our house now, will end up being in the RV this year more than being at home. Wife's already been extended an extra month, so we know we'll be in Alaska through mid-October. If the roads get too bad before then, we'll hope for another extension to cover the ferry costs back to the lower 48! I swear, it'll cost more to get the RV back than it did to buy the thing (pre-conversion price).

I'm just thankful that we weren't completely forced into this (i.e., the bank didn't kick us out of our house...though if we hadn't started this they probably would have).

Wait...what was this thread supposed to be about? Neighbors...ok, back on topic.

Our neighbors at the last assignment in Houston, TX had a big scary dog that was tied outside (against the rules) and could reach our RV. Not a big deal, except we have little kids. Did have one person want to look inside the RV as we were about to head out. I'm not saying he was overweight or anything...but our step wasn't broken before....

Neighbors here in Anchorage, AK are just whoever's working at the school that day. Apparently summer school was still in session until last week. One lady was pissed that we blocked her view of the mountains. Of course it was the only place we could park, and was where I was explicitly told to park. Didn't hear anything else from her, although someone did call the cops about our truck leaking gas (we had recently filled up so it did smell a bit like gas, and it had recently rained so there was a water puddle underneath...that's about it though). We'll have new neighbors in August (have to move to a park 20 miles away), shouldn't have too many neighbors there!
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