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Re: You're most memorable experience..

Every trip I've been on has been...well...a trip, but I've got to say that blasting down the Black Hills just a little beyond a state of being in control of the vehicle with the windows down and The Kings of Leon (Aha Shake Heartbreak...many years before they became as popular as they are now) blasting is something that will stick with me forever.
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Re: You're most memorable experience..

most memorable so far... would be walking into the bus that the birds had nested in and a few minutes later realizing that streak of black spots on the ceiling was moving, and was in fact bird mites, and that they were EVERYWHERE, including on me.

Took me nearly a month to get rid of all traces of those mites. grrr.

My favorite memory is of getting to my friend's house in GA the day after I bought the bus, and getting the bus completely into his driveway, including hitting the air horn a few times, then having to call him to tell him to come to the door.

I can't wait to have some good conversion memories, and then some live-aboard memories.

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Re: You're most memorable experience..

Where to start. First time I drove it, the huge door for the wheelchair lift opened right up while going down the road. Had to swing into the center lane, put in park, and go close that sucker. My dad helping me with the conversion. On the way to Houston, TX running into a freak snowstorm that had the interstate at a standstill all night. Washing a load of clothes while driving on the road past Destruction Bay. Driving on a narrow steep road down a mountain, hoping I don't meet anyone else I might drive right off the edge.

Oh, there was that time that I discovered we shouldn't use Angel Soft toilet paper. Don't ask, I just might tell you.

Here's a link to my blog, it'll take you just to the posts relating to the RV (most are just because there's a picture of it in the post): It's too hard to just pick one most memorable experience.
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Re: You're most memorable experience..

When I bought my first bus, it went on many short trips, but no long ones at first. I decided that I trusted it and took it on it's first 5 hour trip across the state for a camping / paintball weekend. About 4 hours into the trip we decided to pull off at Wal-Mart for supplies. I had a chase car (actually in front) and we both had radios to talk to each other. We got off the interstate onto the ramp and I began to brake for the light at the end of the ramp. Much to my surprise, the pedal goes to the floor and the bus isnt stopping. I yell over the radio for my buddy to run the light, which he does without question. I turn immediately into the next parking lot which happens to be the Wal-mart. It has a down-hill slope from the road to the parking lot. My buddy decides to ride his brakes, which results in me screaming over the radio to move it or I'll run over him because my pedal was to the floor. We pull into parking spots and he starts heading into the store like nothing is wrong. As it turns out, I hadnt told him why I was yelling at him to move so he thought I was just in a hurry and/or making a joke.

As it turns out, there was a hole in the TOP of the exhaust pipe that I didnt see on inspection. It was right at a rubber air brake line and the heat melted the line. It wasnt stopping the bus, but it wasnt draining the tanks enough to cage the brakes. I had front brakes (kinda...) but no rears.

That was my worst bus experience by far.
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