Gus our bus
Our 1992 Chevy Bluebird diesel short bus.
This is what it looked like when we brought him home.
IMG 9610
IMG 9614
IMG 9609
Got shelf done in kitchen, put in faucets and fridge 
Patched the awning 
Even though we only had hand pumped water,  some battery powered led lights...
We added seating with storage underneath 
We cut a table to fit  so seating makes into a bed 
We also made foxy our dog a vinnie to hide in. 
The air...
Added walls and platform over wheel well. 
Hubby made composting toilet and we bought  
Rubber tub for shower.   We added a tankless water heater 
Put down 2 inches of foam then plywood then vinyl 
Got chair at pick a part 
Got cabinets and countertops at auction 
Painted inside walls blue gray
Squared off front,  insides removed except drivers seat, 
Lift removed, and all cleaned up inside.

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