Just Beginning. Taking out the seats.
Here is my behemoth.

Machine screws and nuts in the aisle rusted together so I am grinding the bolt heads off with an angle grinder. I have rolled in what I think is dried vomit and/or beer. This bus was a party bus/Brewers's game shuttle. I have also found 47 cents on the floor! Score!
the metal duct the connects the heaters... guess I'm taking this out? No idea what to do about the heaters. Feel stuck.
Got most of the wood floor out...some rust underneath but not too bad...
What is this? I can't get the screws out... i may try again but do I need it..?
Heater #2
Heater #1
I'm hanging on to the rubber trim from the edges of the floor and wheel wells... might need it, huh.
All the seats are out and down to the wood underneath
One seat left...
On my balcony.
Want some nice red bus seats?
How far I've gotten... I like getting dirty. lol

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