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Front Finished
Front Finished
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  1. Retired1
    09-13-2016 06:17 AM
    Hi, I am new to the site but have seen your pictures from the initial interior strip out, floor insluation and now this. My question is, because using a roller to do the paint just seems so much easier and less expensive a process, have you found it necessary to prepare the surface in any way prior to rolling? Ie. priming or sanding? doesn't look like either has been done in your pictures. Thanks and regards.
  2. bjornj
    09-13-2016 09:30 PM
    Thanks for checking out my thread and I appreciate the question! We didn't prep the roof other than power washed it beforehand to get the layer of grime off and rolled everything except the bottom portion where we used a brush to trim (and frontback portions around lights). Regarding the interior floor, I grinded any loose chunks of rust off (not very many) and the paint (which was primer) was intended for some rust so my wife rolled the whole thing and it worked great.

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