2001 GMC "Tool" bus
I'll be converting this former kid hauler into a work truck beast!
IMG 20170131 155808 729
Ramp for the back stores inside
Tool storage cabinets
Permanently mounted air compressor
Covering windows and replacing rusted sheet metal
Covering windows
Saved a couple windows for light
IMG 20161023 181621 285
1st cabinet installation
Figuring how my little 2-seater will table work out.
"Are you my mama?"
Removing lights and reflective tape
A look inside.
Trap door for the air line connection and the Hubbell receptacles. Location is where the stop sign was.
Exit end of air line routing behind driver's seat. The two white things are Hubbell flanged inlet receptacles.
Air line routing behind the rear wheel well. My compressor will sit here and connect through an air line whip.
Making expanded metal safety screens
One front entrance safety screen installed
Rear door safety screen installed
What color paint? Hmmm...
Need to find a better side door...
I've removed the regulatory kiddie bus mirrors, crossing arm, and stop sign so far...

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