Spirit of Linda Lee a/k/a Skunky Bus
I've been dreaming about a Dodge school bus long enough...my gf came up with the name a whopping six years before I got the bus itself!

Now my lady is deceased and the Skunky Bus will be a tribute to her memory.
Spirit of Linda Lee script made by taking an image of her handwriting and rearranging letters to spell the name.
Of course - somebody drank up all the beer. Can't have everything, I guess.
Another chassis view
Close-up of floor framing
I've seen more undercarriage rust on buses more than 20 years newer!
Clowning around: partially obscured script hints at the bus's history when a Shriners unit owned her.
Not the prettiest nose but I'm planning to dress it up with a Winnebago grille insert from the '70s! Not to mention a black-and-white paint scheme.
Hey, it's cleaner than some gas-station restrooms
Sink - but no built-in cooktop
Once had a cooker/smoker with chimney going thru. roof.
Check out this shagadelic leopard-spot velour wallcovering. We aaare a classy bunch!
View of camper cabin from front.
OK, so the BB Vision I drive professionally has a flashier instrument panel...but mine has a Dodge logo on the steering wheel!
Chassis came from Canada...just like my parents. :)
Camper interior almost usable as is, just needs minor work. Major reno planned!
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Craigslist ad-pic #2
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