Tootalltechie's Blue Bird C60
Pictures documenting my "new to me"
1974 Blue Bird C60 48 passenger bus. (less because of wheel chair access)
Power = chev 350 on propane
Transmission = AT540 maybe
20170811 214546
20170811 214623
20170811 214756
I think this is a picture of my bus just before it was sold and moved up north were I bought it. Maybe late 80's.
tank mounted fuel gauge
main propane tank mount
propane carb
propane regulator evaporator
filler hose
secondary propane tank tag
main propane tank tag#3
main propane tank tag#2
main propane tank tag#1
fuse block better picture ?
chaise fuse block(rusty)
bus light flasher
body build plate
transmission sump pan
original option sheet
propane fuel system
propane tank conections
propane filler
20160822 054110
20160822 054139

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