Lucy the Musical Tour bus
I'd like to introduce you to Lucy my Musical Tour skoolie. She's a 2000, model 300 International RE. She was named Lucy by the children that rode to school in her. She's from Oregon, destined to have lots of musicians picking and grinning within her steel shell at music festivals if I have any say about it. LOL In Oregon and Washington states, the school bus yellow color is not illegal and does not need to be changed, so being her paint is almost like new because she was garage kept, I will not be painting her for sometime. Lucy's Skoolie conversion is underway.
Someone sleeping on the job while on the floor ?
Lucy the Music Skoolie
Cedar used in future stock tank, bathtub area. Couldn't find any Redwood.
IMG 5485
Front couch build in progress.
fullsizeoutput 1747
So nice and clean now inside.
Test fit of new plywood flooring.
Test fitting plywood. The old plywood was used for patterns.
Making progress on the floor
Installation of 1" insulation and 1" supports for plywood to screw into. The supports are screwed down to the sheet metal floor using self tapping...
Picking up materials from the lumber yard.
The floor primed
Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer was used on galvanized sheet metal floor rather than Rustoleum per advice from paint manufacturer. Rustoleum can peal off of...
Holes patched with rust converter mixed with fiberglass body repair cloth on larger bolt holes.
Mild surface rust was ground and scrapped off after old plywood floor was removed.
IMG 4526
A little better with out the bubble gum. The condition of the inside is really good. It doesn't smell like a school bus, and no rust from what I can...
Scrubbing the inside after seat removal. I kept the best seats to use temporarily as a dinette and for a front passenger. I have never seen so much...
Nice paint being it was garage kept
Met the nice Lady who drove Lucy for 7 years. The children loved Lucy and cried when the school district retired her. The driver said Lucy was an...
Lucy parked near my home. Lucy comes to Florence, OR
Lucy the first time I saw her at the school lot.

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