Early Days with 44
Some pix of the early days.
My baby.. err.. Bus 44  - the 44 Magnum. Maiden voyage starting next Tuesday. NEED INSURANCE. 5 COMPANIES TURNED DOWN BECAUSE VIN IS COMING UP AS...
Another quartering front view.
The winch mounted in the front receiver with the box open, just before we finished running the 2/0 up from the high amperage cut-out switch mounted...
One of the water proof cases on the bumper.
LENCO high amperage connectors attached to both front and rear bumpers in waterproof boxes to use with the front or rear mount winch.
Reverse camera nestled in under the marker light housing.
New and improved toggle panel. _ _? _ _ - Master - Heat -LED REAR - LED FRONT - BACKUP CAMERA.  Any suggestions for replacing the start toggle would...
Reverse camera wired and running...
Better angle on the LED light bar.. Had neighbors house and yard lit up like day.. Sorry neighbor.
Holy Crap those things are bright!!
Front on view. Going to mount the receiver hitch winch tonight and run the cables from the battery box and cut-out switch.
After some minor coaxing.. 6' go-devil prybar, a ladder and two guys wrenching on it.. the brush guard is in place  Came from a GoRhino distributor a...
Brush guard held in place with the help of a bottle jack. Brush guard and front hitch shared frame holes, brush guard bracket got chopped, ground,...
Installing a turn signal fixture, had to use a nutsert tool on a few of the lights.
buspartswarehouse.com Scored again with the stainless framed turnsignal, brake/running and reverse lights. I retrofitted the brake/running and...
Masked and taped trim, painted satin black.
Blury picture of the textured Monstaliner coating..
Taped and ready to paint.
Blackened in the SCHOOL BUS signs after pulling the light fixtures.
Ovals in place with the LED rear spot lights. Don't tailgate me..
Aluminum ovals in place, marker lights with aluminum holders in place. A lot of fun working in that space tightening the nuts, that front end rattles...
Special ordered plasma-cut aluminum ovals from California. Two coats aluminum primer, three coats of satin enamel. You'll see..
Tesing out the new LED marker lights. Bought them and the aluminum armored holders. Check newer pix..
My man Nick doing some touch-up with the Monstaliner.
"Voilla!!" An upside down shark lookin' wanna be lil' bus!!

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