The Wandering Dragon Bus
She Is A ....

1972 Internationale, Added Features....

2 1ft roof raises
Double Barn Doors In The Back,
1000lb Lift Gate, not working at the moment,
5 Ton Tag Axle Added In For Weight

The Plan Is To Put My Fiat X19 In The Back Of The Bus, With A Bedroom Loft Over The Car, Then Living \Space In The Front .
1981 Fiat X19, This Will Load Up Into The Back Of The Bus
Plastic Garage Tiles, Over 3\4 in insulated Sub Floor. 
I had a thought when I put this in..... If the car was wet... would drip under the tile and...
Hopefully This Is Kinda What The Inside Will Look Like When I'm Done
Front Side View, Would Like To Add Belly Boxes Under The Sides
Back Side View, You Can See The Tag Axle That's Been Added Here..

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