LED headlights. Drove to Canada and back. Stock headlights left me totally in the dark, driving blind with nothing but luck on my side.
Atoyo head unit. Support all the things you might need. Cameras, wifi, gps, android whatever...
4 6x9
Lines up perfect with the sill. 18 inch tall cabinet.
began at 25x74...ended up 18x42
9x22.5 flat face steel wheel with 11r22.5 tires 
Big improvement
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Still have steps to get in
A little more floorspace
Good bye stairwell
This thing always works when I test it.
I prefer portable things rather than installed. I like to avoid holes in the dash, etc. 
Not so much on this bus but mainstream vehicles like vans...
Opening and closing doors to access everything seems like an extra step. And open cabinet doors bang into things.
if things start to fall out while driving I'll stretch a cord back and forth across the front openings.  
I will now install the counter tops I...
Open face cabinets with adjustable shelves. They don't take up any floor space and they do not obstruct the view out the windows.
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Good flow
Cooler positioned in front of the air filter housing behind the bumper.
Monarch/portable hybrid

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