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Good flow
Cooler positioned in front of the air filter housing behind the bumper.
Monarch/portable hybrid
Adding this cooler to hopefully stop the heat from climbing on long grades.
Solar controller and inverter. 110 volts running to 2 outlets. The battery is directly below so cables are short.
Radio to go here. I have a over/under dash mount for a double din.
At least 10 hp added.
Sneaked the solar wires through two tight holes. Sealed and no leaks.
100 watts keeps my battery fully charged. No problems starting or running the wheelchair lift.
All metal fan above the bed.
5 LED ceiling lights. Original BB lights for sale if anyone wants.
I placed the control for the heater next to the bed.
5kw diesel heater mounted in front of rear wheel. Takes fuel from main fuel tank. Will run 14 hours on 1 liter of diesel.
New captain's chair. 6 way power swivel transfer seat.
IMG 20171010 WA0008
Meets all requirements in Cali. Thank you very much CHP.
Tie down spot for passenger if needed.
still moving things around to see how it functions.
Full size mattress. 54x75x10 inches thick.
Full size mattress. 54"x75"x10". It was vacuum sealed to 1/3 the size in the box.
New gauge to be calibrated and certified for CHP inspection. Mileage verification.
A good strap to hang on.
Trying out different configurations

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