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IMG 1228
the lifeboat, just in case...
custom stand made for the Xantrex Inverter.  Mounting under master bed.
1500 Watt generator actually fits here in the engine compartment
All exterior lighting is now LED.
under rear master storage.  isolated with 1.5" rigid foam board and carpet to help with engine noise.  Electric actuator for access.
panels in, ceiling painted and ready for the floor
from the emergency door
bathroom layout
shower dry fit
fridge paneled
ventilation for fridge complete
lower vent for fridge with foam screen installed
steel framing for bunks, upper and lower storage areas
dry fitting the bunks and rear master
good fit
got to love the plasma cutter
Template for the window
not exactly my best paint job, but hey "it's a bus!!"
taping up for paint
New cork floor is in

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