2001 RE International
Wheel well
Final coat of Rustoleum
E8331D23 EE56 4072 8390 EB5A6DA5881E Daughter helping clean screw heads so they can be removed.
0F20D902 C178 4E96 B169 050C8B2474F2 Another spot in need of patching.
A85C7E8B A978 43A4 B156 54DB9F937A70 rear drivers side wheel well
F3704998 4630 44E1 B3DC 132EC9C092CC
5269AD6B BE2D 4D7D B371 6CE2F8E12D25
FB43BF43 E3C2 41E3 B2A4 64482CCEA59A Rear off bus
2796E34E 05FD 46C1 A04C 6F98A1306B8B Any ideas what this is? Mounted to the floor of the bus, nothing in it but has a sensor going to it. Thanks for...
765E7F18 7FA9 4BF1 9072 D6CB46149D22 Working on getting to bare floor, slow moving, lots of rust but no holes through. Seems just on surface so far.
A75FE155 5CD7 40A9 86DF 08BFB8A5EE9E
DC2FDA7F A9FE 48CC B39B FE088C62C160 
Bus on way to be delivered.
31DF984A BD1B 442D 8D66 D6E9A8F5F670 
My kids and me first photo in the bus after delivery.
88C6DF03 2870 48DD 94A2 CDB461870CE2 
Rear of bus

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