Home on the road
Septic hookup
Gray water holding tank
Kitchen sink
Natures Head composting toilet and sink
Fridge, stove and power unit
From front of bus. 
Stove and furnace on right. 
Kitchen sink  on left
Bathroom wall
Back of bus over engine compartment  
Bedroom and closets on both sides
Floor installed
Everything insulated (Prodex Insulation)
Sides insulated
The insulation I used on every square inch of my interior.
Foil tape at joints (Prodex Insulation)
Roof insulation
Sealant over rustoleum
Floor prep. 
Rust neutralizer/ inhibitor. 
Rustoleum paint.
More rust blowout repair
Road salt repair around wheel well
Steps repaired
Step repair
Roof Top AC Unit
Under bus storage doors
Driver side window caps
Inside view of window caps (Prodex Insulation)
Passenger side window caps

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