Chessie - 2003 International 3800, Blue Bird body
Old tool chest to disguise the inverter/charger.
Our electrical panel - 3000w pure sine wave inverter/125 amp charger, 40w MTTP solar charge controller, 110v sub panel, 12v distribution panel, cut...
Electrical layout, round 1.
Side view of the panels.
Solar panels mounted.
2018 IC Propane bus fuel mileage display with 4400 miles and 133 hours.
2018 IC Propane bus fuses and relays.
The sliding door in its open position.  There will be a wall covering it, eventually.  Still have to buy and attach the sliding hardware for it.
Sliding door between the living quarters and workshop roughed in.  It has one of the original bus windows in it.  I think we'll skin both sides with...
Clear lenses installed - outer pair will be controlled with a switch in the workshop, the inner pair will be wired with the backup lights.
Having fun on the ice....
Some interior framing
Two air seats
hood ornament, in progress
Battery box
Our solar bank.  No way was I going to carry these things around.
500 lbs of lead in the trunk of our 2015 Fiat 500.  We only had to drive about 50 miles so it wasn't too bad.
Doof Wagon!
The Italian Job!
Finally painted it this week.
New, cleaner switch and radio layout.
Only managed to get one switch moved today.  If the wires from the two on the very bottom (Heater pump and Rear heater) are long enough I will try to...
Decided to tackle the switch layout.  The plan is to consolidate them to the right to make room for a radio.  No idea why they spread them all over...
Rear door lock.
New insulation installed.

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