Chessie - 2003 International 3800, Blue Bird body
Sub floor going down!
Furring strips and insulation in place.
I used one of the 100" chair rails I removed from the floor (and 2 clamps) as a fence for cutting the furring strips.  Yeah, I know the picture is...
Phase 1 of furring strips.
Painted floor and bolt holes sealed with windshield goop.
Flooring removed from the living space, 16.5' long.  Not too much rust to deal with.
Here is the air horn access panel in the closed position.
I needed to make a removable panel in order to get to the air horn mounts and fittings.  It will be screwed in place, but swings down when needed.
Finished ceiling!
Ceiling is done and both metal strips above the windows are back in place.
Both hatch trim pieces in place.
Had to trim the ceiling boards just a bit for the front hatch.  It was a little off center, or at least compared to the rear one.
The rear hatch trim back in place.
The front....
Day 2 progress on the ceiling.
Ceiling progress.
Starting the wood ceiling installation.
1983 Rabbit GTI, Road Atlanta RallySprint, 1991-ish?
Our son and his rally car!
This is why we need a workshop in the bus.... :-)
The mounting bracket for the mini-split.  Now I have to drill the hole for the lines and run them down behind the driver's seat.
Replaced the bed frame pieces with square tubing from the 'wall' that was behind the driver's seat.
I used an old bed frame first. Found out the self tapping screws would not go through it.
First time using the lift for real.
November, 2018 in NH

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