Valhalla: 1995 G30 Chevrolet
Breaker Box
generator plug
outside plug
Bed Framed
Close up of McMaster Carr Bracket
McMaster Carr bracket for adding top deck (3) on each side
Eye Bolts 3/8-16 x 4 (4) on each side
eye bolt close up
Eye bolts 
Putting four on each side
eye bolts material listed 
3/8 x 4 in eye-bolt
McMaster-Carr pt# 4936T91 
These are base parts for adding top deck patio. 
Stay tuned!
Wood Ceiling and Walls
Heater open
Heater in Box
Added TW200 to the family
Adding moister barrier
Adding moister barrier
Adding moister barrier
Hot Water score from Habitat for Humanity!
Dry fit going well.  Framed 2x3's, 1-1/2 insulation, 3/4 plywood.  Need pull up finish spray insulation, and moister protection.
Still framing floor

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