Hal the Beast Bus
Nearly completed. Totally off grid bus.
Ladder to reach the solar panels and roof.
Composting toilet vent and water fill
Gray water tank
40 gallon propane tank
4 Trogan T 105RE batteries
The brains of the bus.
Water SafH2O water purifier
3 - 60 gallon water tanks under the bed.  Each can be used separately.
Slide wall partitions in on each side of the bathroom when camping.
Composting toilet and on demand propane water heater.  I found the composting toilet on Craigslist the box have been opened and but never used got an...
Solar Frig and Freezer.  They cool down in about an hour and do not have to be level at all to work marvelously.
Large sink and stove
Front to back.  Designed to be able to see out all the way around for driving ease.
First camping trip - Sanibel Island.  Cheated here had a plug for A/C it was August!  The A/C easily lifts in and out of the side emergency window...

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