Ahote! Short Bus Conversion
This is an album of process photos taken of my short bus conversion. I have a 6-window bus named Ahote that I will be using as a camper and future bedroom!
electrical plan, give me advice!
Got about halfway done w/ the paint job over spring break, the hood needs to be painted w the beige and there will be white stripes where it is...
1 1/2 in foamboard, 3/4" plywood, 2x3's for framing 
the framing goes around the edges of the bus and wheel wells, with two additional lengths from...
IMG 3090
Primed! Took nearly two quarts of clean metal primer
After the rust converter did its thing and I rinsed all the guck and dirt and acid away
two coats of phosphoric acid converted all the iron oxide to iron phosphate, I rinsed it with small buckets of water and a mop for what felt like...
There was a big leak coming from the drivers window, made for a lot of rust up by the front
Wall removal (took 4 hours w/two people)
first looks!! Here's the bus the day I bought it
Unbolting the seats
All the seats out.  Stored in the back of the bus until I could make it to the dump

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