Geminus the Bus
20190312 163454
20190312 163437
20190312 163438
20190308 190444
20190308 190355
20190308 190339
Nightbus Front 2
Nightbus Front
Remnants of the side stop sign
Wiring Panel, Partially cleaned
Rear facing at door
Jump Seat on temporary assembly
Jump Seat on temporary assembly
Drivers Cabin, Stairwell Full
Drivers Cabin, Seat & Panels
Drivers Cabin, Stairwell Partial
Drivers Cabin, Center
Wiring Bundle Close Up
Interior, Rear Facing, Far Front
Side Wiring Bundles, Junk Wire Removed Partially
Interior, Rear Facing, Mid
Interior, Front Facing, Mid
Inside, Rear Facing, Far Rear

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