Mista Bus
C6422B82 EC5F 4F9C A3FA 5641FFC05DBE
5FB34A03 59F6 4F49 862C BAFFBF847DA7base cabinet
708FE555 E30B 4B15 AC73 3D09F6D666D7doors and draws done needs paint and pulls
65EBD3F8 C9C0 44AB 99D2 ABF4073E84A6Chevy 350
E0B20E00 DD6C 4629 923C B6FE3EBB7F1D Installed the awning
7CB44562 CBF7 4A1C 9D24 327450A51730
EE2D0EC1 7926 40A4 A48C A7B032E79FF4
7EE8643E C930 4DE8 8633 4E4B4F87A61D
38D67480 66B3 4E8B 9EFF 82F74F8F2DBEhead board built and install
8B4C3379 EFCA 4064 AE59 41C29B1D8A55draw boxes built and painted
E2E2817E D196 411A A82E 82D01063578C
323EE2D4 C518 4DEB A192 8FC82E5D4318
011D2165 C00F 4559 A0CD D8180B3A062D Jackknife sofa with cup holders
A4DD5211 2397 4571 83B0 542B7EC9886B
36992E6E F004 4064 AA34 EA6D0F94E2BD
A26C1AC2 077A 4C38 91C6 2F4987F6DB6F  medicine cabinet and light
085393B6 D4DA 48B9 B324 1754FA91D72Cnew toilet
3F4DB373 AF71 41B0 9FB7 280B9C100A92new fridge and microwave
6E80B370 E21D 4F8A B2FC 3D7A67E92681rope lights in
1C2C7D35 996F 4DBA 8BA0 8732954B6450upper cabinets doors on
F5B036D0 206F 4D0A B454 6C241C55C21Akitchen
2A9443F6 73F3 49DE 98B9 BA1442053349not to sure about this one ???
CC4890D2 0DFB 48E2 A384 9EB7213CEF7E
1AE8D68A D5E6 4DE7 8774 30C6094EAE47glass shower installed
72E28ED7 EAB7 4ACA 9AD7 E35DC76EA0CDshower pan and wall

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