Maiden Voyage of the BLUNDERBUS
I have just returned, alive, from the biggest adventure of my life. A week-long ordeal spanning the east coast from Virginia to Mass. With my intrepid co-pilot we faced: tire-blowouts, dead batteries, low-bridges, hill-stalls, cops, tainted diesel, the DMV, insurance agents, sleeping in rental cars, partying with the late-night train station homeless, city-driving, snowstorm driving, and let's not forget simply learning to drive a diesel stick-shift 40ft bolt-bucket that's 12 years your senior. Even the people met on this adventure were uncannily colorful: Super Mario, Indian, Lone Star, both Officer Ryans, and Rooster to name a few.

Ladies and gentlemen: BLUNDERBUS "bad idea" Mayflower. The 1978 Crown Supercoach.
Victory Selfi
The window wiper broke during a snowstorm on the way back but SOMEHOW she made it. FINALLY.
Engine work. ugly carpet.
Blunderbus sejour'd in Stamford CT for a few days at LoneStar Repair Service. Good people there.
Getting towed =c
Fateful moment when she was tainted with 30gals of gas. Who knew that some left-side-pumps simply supply MORE REGULAR. Not me at 1AM after hours of...
starboard-aft tires being changed in at walmart
6th and final tire replacement at the tire garage. dat aft...
stuck on the on-ramp
Supermario. This guy was awesome.
The port-aft tires gave out in less than an hour of highway driving
The starboard-fore tire kicked it on day 2 on an on-ramp after a toll
love at first sight

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