michells bus
the plan is to be off grid a month at a time and to have a glass woking flame working bench in it too
testing out a color
closed done
one of the resed lighting
roof hatch  and roof deck frame
popain tanks storage
floor above  wheel well
both beds down
both beds up
house lock on front door it was a good day when this was instaled
one bed frame done folds out of the way  on boths sides so have more storage for motorcycle when travling
riged foam 4 inch with spray foam to stop air
20141207 160302
20141128 193006
20141127 215447
first set of window instaled had to replace  ply wood delantede had to to make all out of ceater
wast tanks  mounted
window installed
fugeing out back window
first set of completed window that slide with low e on the inside of the out side glass
sheeting the sides almost inposble to do by your self
a lot of welding  adding the suports back in

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