Team Cyclepaths
1996 Crown Bike Bus.
A thankful Team of CyclePaths after the bus broke down in Centerville, Iowa. Cheers to Phil Kelderman & Robert Harrelson to fixing the idler pulley...
A little memorabilia grows every year.
Bus Sky deck construction bleacher board.
Another CyclePath
More CyclePaths Mike, Elliot, Mike, Scott, & Charlie.
Sky Deck with shade umbrellas.
Upper deck bike mounts. Swing up and lock to black side rail to provide extra area on Sky Deck for lounge chairs. 
Big Thanks from Team Crude for...
Bus interior color matching pontoon seats from Pontoon Stuff. Inside seats allows ample storage for Gatorade,water beer etc..
Driver & Team members
Bike bus in party mode.
Sky Deck with bikes made from aluminum bleacher decking.
Bike roof deck.
Found an old skydeck on Craigslist near Sioux City, Iowa. picking it up to bring back to mount on the bus.
Old bus seats removed, upgraded to Pontoon boat seats.
Sky deck installed. Caution adding one of these into the wind stream MPG drops from 9 to 6 MPG. Working on a upgrade to smooth out the air flow.
New ladder to the Sky Deck.
Tailgating Iowa State Game.
Added aluminum wheels, added generator to underside of  body behind left rear wheels.
4000 KW Onan RV Generator applied to the bus
Sleeping quarters windows painted. Primed & Painted
In the essence of time from start to finished was 10 weekends from April Fools Day through the 3rd week in July.  
Additional upgrades every year....
Red Stripes applied.
Masking off rub rails for red paint.
8 beds being constructed, with seating for 12.
Whew thats better, White is the base color of our choice.

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