The Gypsy Jack - First Conversion
1981 Bluebird All American - Conversion 1 was done in 2006.
Ready for his maiden voyage. Such a beefcake.
The cabinets in the bunk room
The shower enclosure we put up
The kitchen cabinets we put in. We are foodies after all.
The view if the kitchen after completion
All Aboard
Such a beast!!
I think he looks good, but the paint has to change...
Finished - Anyone notice what colors we painted??? Then we moved to Arizona... La Migre
My son helping
Getting the front done
Starting Painting
Prepping the back
Elastomeric on the roof
The shower enclosure is end, just past the kitchen
Closer view of the kitchen and walls stubbed in for bunk room
The kitchen and table. We used two benches from the bus.
Primer on the new sheet metal. Since we were running out of time, we did not sand down the yellow.
Second Side Skinned
One side skinned
The cut out for the generator box we will build back in.
Closer look at the black water tank
Starting to skin the windows

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