The beginning of the adakuhlbyc
Winter Bus Set up.
Aluminum trim and tremlcad white looked like a good combo....also, just have to hardwire the LED step lights in and we are having smiles!!
Still.....always lots to do, including the custom recycled leather drivers seat and 8 ball drive shift knob..again, thanks D....and my lovely wife is...
can you say 105MM!!!! The back of the bus is going to be military themed. I plan on making some .50 BMG LED light fixtures soon.
From the seating area to the back. All materials are recycled, except for hardware, some electrical, and the epoxy on the re-purposed Oak bar table...
First actual away camping trip...the propane engine loves to try and be fast...we go a steady pace
Camping on Earth Day 2015 in Alberta with some best friends
bus pic
From the entrance of bus.
Overhead storage compartments with led lights put to red. The chain holding them up is welded to a solid piece, then clear coated. The rust on them...

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