Overhead Storage
Custom Overheads made from recycled floors from an Edmonton, AB warehouse
Chin ups, hammocks, and some sweet storage = awesome overhead storage super safe skull snag free good times. Perhaps the odd sliver though. Thanks D...
Safety first....always wear a helmet.....with a headlight...that is black, and totally tactical, when using any type of gun...... especially when you...
carefully placing the wire....just like on the Hurt Locker
All wiring siliconed into place....no exceptions
Switch wiring from the top of the overheads
I gots da wirin and da spicin all gettin er good
Hidden LED light strips along the back...you can change them to 16 different colours, plus strobe, and dim. Thank you Costco for the sweet Syvania...
Dry run of light placement
Wiring..... Ikea LED lights use a converter from 120V to 12V....just cut out the converter and voila..... cheap nice LED lights
giant steel chain welded and clear coated for support columns.
A pic of what the day time would look like when you would not see the red spine LED
Red LED in action under the steel, but between the wood. I left a gap between the wood for the red to glow through......very nice night lights.
acrylic with a red LED played in it for underneath the steel spines
pressing the washers that will fit the toggle switches
Staining the cut parts black
spot for receded puck light (ikea hardwired), and recessed toggle switch spot
Have the wood ready for the metal
cutting out the groves for the steel supports
an easy router guide for perfect spacing
marking out where to put the steel frame, and making to router out grooves for a smooth-head-bonking experience
Once glued and pressed with clamps, i simply screwed in some supports for a real sturdy finish
The overheads when they were simply junk wood looking for a purpose

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