1974 Gillig
Shower 1.0
bathroom before shower
Drop-down Counter extention
On the SunMar throne 
snagged a composting toilet in Ashland
Dixie's high beams
Kitchen and food pantry at front of bus
Stove and original sink
T&G, wonky temporary stove pipe
Jotul Wood Stove 
coincidentally found this Jotul in Eugene for $100
Jaired painting
Original ceiling exposed with wallpaper 
(cabin lights were removed hence the wallpaper :/)
Day 2 of demolition: Opened up windows, ceilings, and exposed original rubber flooring to give an extra 1.5 inches of headroom
Inside of the Gillig when purchased. Previous owner had two bedrooms and a bathroom
1974 Gillig School Bus 855  Cummins NHH250 inline-six diesel manual transmission

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