Built for Speed ~ Built for Comfort
Here is my 1959 GMC Superior Shorty. Have had her for 13 years and is slowly getting to where I want it. Was Banks, OR. second school bus and then was sold to Stimson lumber Co., finally to a Strawberry farm and then me. She was all original when I found her, stored in a barn for 20 years. Brakes were and still are a problem finding parts for. The 270 was good but tired and finally blew up. I put in {with a lot of work} a bored 0.30> 454 with dual "H Pipe" exhaust. She runs 8.25/20 tires.
Two 1959
Section 4 page 210
back brakes
back brakes
Patriot "Tight Tuck" headers, had to heat them up and hammer them slightly flat to fit around the steering gear.
Had to "Massage" the firewall a little for the distributor.
Haulin'Ass wastin' gas
Recovered Denim seats
She is just mean lookin'

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