Starting the Yellow Palace!
Just got my Yellow Palace road-worthy, and the transformation into a tiny home begins! This is a 40-foot 1988 Blue Bird school bus with 79,000 miles on it. First thing's first - make the bus road legal: check! Next, tear everything out and insulate the dickens out of it.
Ceiling screws/bolts. How do I get them OUT??
One last thing to make the bus completely road legal...
Rear side emergency door.
Rear emergency exit door.
Wood panelling will have to go, as well as those heating ducts.
Goodbye heater, nice knowing ya!
Undercarriage, driver's side - think I can fit a gray water tank under there?
Step two will involve ripping this ceiling and side panels out, ripping out the insulation, and removing the heater and ducts, intercom, and dome...
As lovely as this floor is, it has to come out. No insulation underneath.
Heater out, intercom out, dome lights out - dreading all the wiring!!

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