Mendo bus
This is my album for my bus. 48 crown I inherited from grandpa. Let's see how she goes. Your either on the bus. Or off the bus!!!
Work in Progress
doing the flooring
Bench and Curtains
Ziggy chillen while I paint
Closet in bedroom.  window cooler needed
Door and side with a coat of primer
Bedroom Window and Cabinets
water came through some areas above sink.  Had to replace a bunch of wood and insulation.  Also seal up holes from the outside so it doesn't leak...
Covered Need to side the bench and paint it still
Sewing all the cushion covers and curtains
Back windows above bed
Storage Bench/Couch  Putting floor down
IMG 3476
Some painting done.  Looking through kitchen
IMG 3337
Dining area back in to bedroom before paint
Drivers seat and privacy curtains
Back if bus.

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