vacation express
some start to almost finished pictures of the motor home we live in full time
2 ton ac mini split system works very well but i do not like it on my back porch which is the only place it would fit, so i am building a new split...
bronze wood ceiling with LED lights and the kitchen cabinets, shower cabinet and the "cat box" cabinet
i got this 1890's coachman lantern from ebay it's our porch light has a led bulb in it now 12 volt dc
whirlpool propane converted stove 36 inch
we call this our communication center cellular booster, wifi booster and tv antenna the satellite dish sits just below all these they are mounted on...
1000 watts of solar panels on roof in front of rood deck might say basically they are over the bedroom
cabinet over microwave
kitchen cabinets and lower medicine cabinet part of the shower cabinet is showing
my wife has two cats. this is their "cat Box" cabinet where we keep their food, water, liter box and scratching pad. they enter it from upstairs...
windshield curtains
curtains in the living room where hung for a picture had to finish wall and install shield wall next to stove
i converted this lamp to 12 volt dc LED has a night light as well its in the living room
first trip out in it we went to Casscade Montana to fly fish and let the Dogs play
finished and painted have added reflectors on the bottom and a caboose enclosure on the roof deck sense this picture ill get a current picture soon
IMG 4459
caboose rear almost finished building center gate
upper glass installed and the roof enclosure metal is hand hammered to fit perfectly
caboose roof up
IMG 4420
IMG 4419
starting caboose roof
starting the re-skin process with large head stainless rivets and 5'x10' galvanized sheet metal.
new 3-0 6-8 door going in
roof up at 4 feet over stock was the max height i can go with out a permit to drive on the roads 13' 6"
start of the rear caboose platform

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