Central Ac build and install
Central Ac system
rocket stove we build these in the shop, it will burn many fuels, pellets, cherry pits, sawdust, wood sticks/ bio-mass I use the same water/coolant...
twintemp hydronic heater i have three zones inside and 3 bays heated with it when i use propane.
the control i used its a modified version of what a window unit uses. came off the donor i used for the cabinet to inclose my condenser and compressor
the ac plunum before the evaporator installed
i ran the return air through the warning lights holes the 6 inch holes gave me great air flow.
the supply air is delivered through the space over the rear door, 4- 4 inch ducts deliver the air flow into the living area.
this is the condenser and compressor unit the evaporator is inside the plenum in front of the condenser unit by doing this i kept the lines short and...

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