1990 Thomas International 72 Pass
My Skoolie Conversion
After all but two of my windows had been smashed out by rocks, I finally got smart enough to put heavy steel mesh over them.  The rear windows got...
A glance down he driver's side of the bus, which has two windows
Unfinished counter-top.  I have a deep sink with storage underneath for oil, brake fluid, etc.  The rest of the unit houses all my cookware and...
Right behind the driver's seat is my saddle and tack, mounted to the wall.
My fourth door, which is currently falling off the hinges.
Showing rear of bus.  On the left is my dresser, and on the right is a work-space with bookshelf.  Behind the curtain is my bedroom and clawfoot...
My hood ornament!  I sprayed it with clear paint to keep it from rusting.  The cat approves, so what more can I ask for?
Small workspace
Not the woodstove I bought, or prefer, but it does the job.  I'll never pay cash at Menards again.
Top shelf for hats, bottom for shoes.  This is my dresser, and surprisingly nothing has ever fallen out.
Showing driver's side of bus wall, which has two windows.
No windows on this side
Rear of bus

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