Bus Deck Project
i hope i can use this to show step by step what we did to fasten a 20'x8' wood framed deck to the roof of of my bus
the decking screws used for multiple applications
these are the screws used to hold in the metal deck brackets to the side of the bus.
view from the ground finished frame with insularion. not finished but ready to rock and roll
7th we ran more 1x1 ceder also along the top edge of the insulation to help secure it, just finish nailed it on.
ran inch and a half ceder trim wherever there was a seam in the insulation board.
side view
you can see we had to cut the front 2x8 of the rim to fit over the curve of the buses roof. it pretty much rests dricetly on the roof metal.
6th, predrilled and screwed in the pressure treated 2x4 supports into the rim. this made the entire structure completely solid. the middle is...
filled in with the 2" rigid insulation, this stuff is extremely strong. not if you stand on the floating part though, it will break through. but...
view from above
view from underneath
5th, added a 1"x1" ceder nailer around the bottom of the rim to hold the ends of the 2" rigid blue insulation we are using to insulate the ceiling...
4th, mounted the 2x8 perimeter also pressure treated, screwed together using adequate of screws. as you can see the back piece fits over the lights...
20' long
..and cut them with a circular saw.
once we figured out exactly how tall we needed the legs we marked with a speed square.....
3rd, used 2- 8' 2x4s of preasure treated wood and cut them into 6- 32" pieces (which was more than enough, but we knew we could cut them to length...
Mounted three brackets along both sides of the roof.
this could fit a 4x4 if you wanted to build real heavy duty.
2nd we screwed the 10 half inch galvanized screws into the predrilled holes with the calking to hold the brackets in place. the screws are a decent...
first we marked and pre drilled through the outside layer of metal, then filled the holes with silicone calking.

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