"Campy" 1991 Thomas International
Converting our bus!
The composting toilet.  What looks like a tank on the back is where we store wood chips.
The shower
Kids beds
Kids beds looking forward
Drivers seat looking back
A picture from the back.
Got the bus all cleaned up today.
flat towing our jeep XJ behind the bus in the middle of nowhere Nevada.
completed the stairs last weekend also, now I have to make the shoe rack.
got the new solar panels and tilting brackets installed, we now have 400W of solar. I made the brackets from an old Queen size bed frame and plan to...
Here is the newest member of the family just chillin in her bumbo on the table somewhere in Arizona.
Over the Christmas Holiday we did a cross country trip complete with a tour of the gulf coast.
Simon has the top bunk and is still sleeping.
Eli Looking out of his bunk
We painted the bus! International green and Almond.
Sub-floor down and some of the walls and the bunks framed in.  Simon is taking a break from swimming with me.
The following year we totaled our camper in Wyoming.  When we got back I drove the bus to go get the camper and bring it home to use it to convert...
We drove about 5 to 6 hours a day and camped every night in our camp trailer.  I drove our bus pulling the wagon and my wife drove our Suburban...
Eli is packed and ready to go.
Simon and Eli Are testing out the wheelchair lift.  We used it to load all the heavy stuff in like a tommylift, it worked great.
We bought our bus off Ebay for $2000 then drove to Mississippi to pick it up. We planned on using it to move from Florida to Nevada then sell it.

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