The Road Billy
Bus pics
jeep and bus 5
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Jeep and Bus
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IMG 20160508 130109
IMG 20160508 125006
Screenshot 2015 08 21 21 08 20
My fiberglass shell bathroom. Got it for a 100 bucks...regular 1200 new. 
Time wasn't that kind...had a crack in the door lower corner...drilled a...
Im replacing windows with sides cut and bent to fit from junk dryers. They come pre enamelled. Then I styrofoam inbehind and monofoam around the edge...
Partial shot of my stove...and heatshield made from old stove walls and insulation. Works pretty good. I also insulated the bathroom wall facing the...
Prototype interior. I've canabalized 2 trailers...and altho I've cut the wood panelling to fit, I plan on using it for patterns for 1/4" plywood...
Susie the jeep makes Billy take her everywhere
Out on crownland with the woodstove going

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