The Road Billy
Bus pics
IMG 20170419 160320 
The new tank being set into position before being bolted in
IMG 20170601 211018 
How it looks with the side back on...and my new steer tires I picked up from the scrap yard on the rim for cheep cheep!!
IMG 20170419 205056 1 BURST004 
Installation of a 100 gallon kenworth tank using international tank straps and hangers.
jeep and bus 5
IMG 20160721 174534
Jeep and Bus
IMG 20160508 124748
IMG 20160508 130109
IMG 20160508 125006
Screenshot 2015 08 21 21 08 20
My fiberglass shell bathroom. Got it for a 100 bucks...regular 1200 new. 
Time wasn't that kind...had a crack in the door lower corner...drilled a...
Im replacing windows with sides cut and bent to fit from junk dryers. They come pre enamelled. Then I styrofoam inbehind and monofoam around the edge...
Partial shot of my stove...and heatshield made from old stove walls and insulation. Works pretty good. I also insulated the bathroom wall facing the...
Prototype interior. I've canabalized 2 trailers...and altho I've cut the wood panelling to fit, I plan on using it for patterns for 1/4" plywood...
Susie the jeep makes Billy take her everywhere
Out on crownland with the woodstove going

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