TeamDixieChickens around the world
Bought in 2012, retrofitted for travel overseas in 2013 and back to North America in 2014. Still a work in progress, with further adventures awaiting us.
Friendly cops!
Loading onto the ferry at Vladivostok, Russia for transport to Japan
Transfaragasan Road Romania
The overly friendly border guard in Kyrgyzstan, where bride kidnapping is a thing.
The Tien Shan mountains of China, in the distance from Lake Issy Kul in Kyrgyzstan.
Turning right will now be known as "pulling a Lenin" after Kyrgyzstan.
Ground rainbow just over western border from Russia into Kazakhstan.
Somewhere in Kazakhstan
On the Transfaragasan Road, Romania 2013
Launch Day England July 2013
Finish line crew Ulan Baatar Mongolia August 2013
Random Russian monument
Completed Racks and some lettering finished
Completed racks and some lettering done.
The day we brought our bus home from NC
Interior shot at the start.
Right after Don put out the brake fire on our test drive. Famous words "now, not that this little fire was a dealbreaker or anything" to the poor guy...

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