Ol Inspired Tatum Skoolie
1996 International Amtran Genesis, 90 passenger 15 window, belly storage, tranny swap to MT643, solar, full shower, dual living areas
New fuel line OEM $135.00
replacing fuel line
Hole wore into fuel line by rubbing a bolt on top of the air compressor
The kids enjoying their first movie night in the back living room.
My Daughter's snapchat describes this part well
Working the rear ducted AC unit
Rolling on the elastomeric, redneck mobile platform
Top of Fuel pump governer, making adjustments for Post Boost fueling
Tranny swap side by side, MT643 on left, AT545 on the right
Bus RV Conversion Final floor plan
bus ac electrical diagram
Had an event that required a Tux, thought this would be cool
Panoramic at a scenic hilltop lookout in Oklahoma
Early on in the build, we love the space!

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