Pics of Bertha
Ill try to get all the pics from how she looked on day one to most current.
Building partition walls and Media Wall/Center behind the driver.
New headlights
1 of 4 Tvs to be installed   (Samsung LED.. might weigh 5 lbs)
speaker mock up.. and now installed.
Seat backs in lighter color
How the seat bottoms look
Built cushions, and learned to stretch and wrap Pleather
Painted from Tan to Matte Black
Mocked up seat layout and style
more work
Stripped bottoms off seats ( Foams not cheap)
Framed out the seating benches.
peel and stick flooring
Moisture barrier
re'decked it all
Ripped it all out
Old floors  ( 5-6 large rot area)
Working air ride (Replacing Right gauge)
Lots of buttons
The guys that went with me to make the deal
Bertha's behind....   (Decals pulled the paint)
Front  (Header is faded due to decal)    Working on a solution there.
DS front corner
DS front

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