Front End Work
This poor old girl had some serious issues with rust - I think we left about 50 pounds of it on the road somewhere! So my Dad and WanderingJuggler are pretty much rebuilding it.
Custom cut and shaped piece
Custom cut and shaped piece
Connector piece hand cut and shaped
Connector piece ready to go
Fitting in the piece
WanderingJuggler will add another piece to this, curving it in there like the artist he is.
Drivers side piece installed plus the connection at the top of the fender.
WanderingJuggler cut 2 pieces like this - 1 for each side
More rust
Passenger side fender
Driver side fender - they had put bondo over galvanized metal over fiberglass....
Freshly primered
New support beam!
The front grill support
THESE were holding things together?
Creative building

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