From Ohio to South Dakota
Just some pictures I snapped along the way....
Her hiding spot for the first day until she figured out how to get under the bed.
Missouri River at Chamberlain, South Dakota.
Finally South Dakota!
Minnesota border!!
Bent Key - this is what happens when it's 2:30 am and you have to run for the bathroom - on the way back I got distracted and didn't quite get the...
Our lovely lady at the I80 Truck Stop
Barges in the Illinois River Near Peoria
hidden cat - she found my loom in it's quilted bag back there and that's where she spent many a day.
empty back end after I took out the sofa bed and speaker boxes that were in there.  Plastic sheeting over the yucky wood to keep a boundary between...
desk in the front - there had been 2 boat seats there previously.
The cat came out to see the sun!
bed frame underneath the center section - loads of storage under the king size mattress!
bed frame without the center piece in place so we could still load stuff through the back door and also taco the mattress in.  The center piece then...
windshield wiper fix - apparently we couldn't find proper replacement wipers!!

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