Project Bumper Update
This is our Bus + Camper or Bumper. As of 2/19/16 we have a legitimately tilted, registered and insured Motor Home!!!!!

We had been searching for a used RV or pull behind trailer with no success. But the Lord provided us with a blank canvas to work with and Bumper was born. We have had her a few weeks now and are working on getting the title as a real motor home. Next we will be adding some walls around the porta-poti and taking her on adventures throughout remote Kodiak Island Alaska and beyond. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.
Started to rain again so we had to postpone until we get another day of sun.
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IMG 0129
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little by little.
The DMV wanted us to paint over all the yellow.
Paint is going slowly....there are not too many clear days in Kodiak
Our kitchen, everything is mounted to the table which is mounted to the wall and floor.
The indoor propane heater is mounted to the wall.
We mounted the ice chest to the floor by screwing L brackets into the floor and ice chest wheels.
The hammock is a fun addition.
We put a tote over the porta-poti until we can build the bathroom walls.
The curtain will give some privacy in the bathroom.
The futon and hammock to the right. The hammock will be used for storage of pillows and sleeping bags when not in use.
For now we're covering the floor with a large rug from Walmart. It looks much better than the black rusted out floor underneath.
Painting the metal walls, the silver/grey was just too depressing. I know I should remove the panels and take out all the old insulation full of...
The new paint looks so much better!
You can see my wife's brilliant style....industrial hippie.
Mr. Big Buddy heater mounted to the wall puts out great heat and warmed the Bumper up in a matter of minutes.
You can see the hammock, my son will be sleeping in this. We'll hang it across opposite walls using the wheelchair seat belt connections, very sturdy.

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