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The wife is like Spiderman. That is if Spiderman was a middle aged Puerto Rican woman.
The finished escape hatch covers. Our openings would not fit any of the aftermarket escape hatches so we just covered them with Lexan. We used...
The wife reupholstered a few of the original seats. We are using them as head-boards and foot-boards of the two beds. The base is 3/4" marine grade,...
Lexan Cover, this thing is NOT ever coming back up! We ended up masking off the opening and painting over the taped areas to help protect it from the...
Lexan Cover installed!
flooring done 1 
The wood and metal door was in great shape. We just cleaned, sanded, and premiered it before covering it with stick down vinyl plank...
We covered the wheel wheels in an effort to insulate and knock down the noise. One package was 9 sheets and we have enough let over to do...
bolt it down 
.25" thick tinted Lexan held in place with 3M VBH tape and sheet metal screws.
Seats are out, and windows almost all done.
She looks good at dusk.
Ourt temporary solution to the missing escape hatch problem. It is not super water tight, actually its leaks a bit. But its better than a huge...
Working on the windows, removing and re-caulking.
escape hatch side by side
escape hatch door

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