Jones Bus Weekend 2
Heater Removal
Amazing space given once the front and drivers heater were removed.
Horrible rust where the heater supply lines and protective metal covering were.
View behind the front and drivers heater showing both supply lines and line going down and under the body of the bus only to emerge a couple of feet...
Smartest trick ever, once the lines were cut from the engine and firewall.  I had to try get the heater fluid / coolant out of the lines without...
Removed door heater and draining lines.
Heater supply lines coming through the firewall on the drivers side leading to heaters.
Heater fluid supply lines from engine.  Luckily, they were had valves built in.
Metal covering over heater fluid lines along the driver's side floor going to the rear, mid, front, driver heaters.
Removing heater screws and any unneeded metal forms.

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