Jones Bus Weekend 3
Roof Removal
What is the best way to remove fiberglass insulation dust from a bus on a cold day?  Drop the windows and go for a cruise.
After all is said and done, 89 screws per rib, 13 ribs, 101 screw per side of support structure.  Not including door box, storage sides, headliners. ...
After everything was removed.  Insulation stacked, panels saved, everything before cleaning the bus and organizing the trash material.
Roof Removal Complete
Turns out they are not fake.
Empty box space above bus door.
Close up of rusted emergency hatch.
Roof panels after trying to crush me.
Condensation inside of roof and interior panel.
Side plates removed showing wiring harness and lip support structure.
Happiest moment when I discovered star screws rather than rivets.
Front to rear view before roof removal.

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